Potential Danger of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam Fillings Release Highly Toxic Elemental Mercury

Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known. The mercury release from fillings is absorbed primarily as highly toxic elemental mercury vapor.

Amalgam Fillings Largest Source of Mercury

The World Health Organization review of inorganic mercury in 1991 determined that mercury absorption is estimated to be four times higher from amalgam fillings than from fish consumption.

Amalgam Fillings since 1970s Unstable

The type of mercury fillings that began to be used during the last couple of decades releases many times more mercury than the older style of amalgam fillings.

Cumulative Poison and Builds Up in Organs

Mercury released from fillings builds up in the brain, pituitary, adrenals, and other parts of the body.

Mercury Build Up in Brain, Organs and Breast Milk of Fetuses of Mothers With Amalgam Fillings

Mercury from fillings in pregnant women has been shown to cause mercury  accumulation  in brain, kidneys and liver of human fetuses Studies have shown that mercury can be passed to infants from breast milk.

Potential Contributory Factor in Other Diseases

Mercury from amalgam fillings has been implicated as a possible contributing factor in some cases of Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, IBS, reproductive disorders, allergies, and a variety of other illnesses.